Local yogurt producer Saint Benoit’s new organic milk

Local yogurt producer St. Benoit is now offering organic milk from pastured Jersey cows.

The milk, from Diamond M Dairy near Petaluma, is vat-pasteurized like the milk for its yogurt, at the lowest legal limit of 145°, which producer Benoit de Korsak says preserves flavor and nutrition. Regular pasteurized milk is heated to at least 161°, while ultra-pasteurized milk goes to 275°.

Since Jersey milk is rich, St. Benoit’s milk contains around 5% milk fat, compared to regular whole milk’s 3.5%. That, and the freshness – it has just a 15-day shelf life – mean it’s pretty delicious and sells out quickly, so call ahead.

The non-homogenized milk comes in liter glass bottles ($3.99 plus $1.50 deposit) at Whole Foods Markets, many Mollie Stones, Rainbow Grocery, Bi-Rite Market, Cal Mart and Berkeley Bowl, as well as at farmers’ markets: Berkeley and Ferry Plaza on Saturday; Palo Alto, Temescal and San Rafael on Sunday; and Berkeley on Thursday.

San Francisco Chronicle

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