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Blueprint for produce: How fruits & vegetables are designed for the market

Take a deep sniff of a standard cantaloupe at your local supermarket and you might not be able to tell whether it’s ripe or not. That’s because the Harper melon has taken over the produce bin. Previously, the cantaloupe variety you would see in the store was likely the Western Shipper, a breed that, despite […]

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Ag-tech: The automated farm

In Salinas Valley, the future of farming is already here. In the field, self-propelling harvesters lop off the heads of cabbages, then funnel the 8-pound goliaths to workers who trim and sort them. Inside a nearby Taylor Farms packing plant, a three-armed robot pivots and turns to maneuver bagged salads squarely into packing boxes. [read […]

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The Bay Area becomes the global hub for faux meat innovation

When Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, two biochemists who met at the University of Massachusetts, arrived in San Francisco last month, they not surprisingly found the search for an apartment to be quite difficult. However, they found it much easier to find their new lab bench in a basement in the SoMa district. The two […]

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Major Brands Reverse Course on genetically modified food labels

It’s been a heady time for advocates of genetically modified food labeling like Oakland’s Gary Ruskin. Working out of the Rockridge studio apartment he shares with his daughter, Ruskin is co-director of the consumer group U.S. Right to Know. Back in 2012, he was campaign manager for the California GMO labeling ballot initiative, Proposition 37, […]

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