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Sprouting revival takes root

It’s a science experiment I remember dearly from childhood. Poke an avocado pit with toothpicks, suspend it in a jar of water and wait for it to sprout. I don’t think I ever actually followed through and planted the seed in the backyard; it was more about witnessing life at its earliest stages. These days, […]

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Reduce, reuse and revive: How to end food waste at home

As a society, the amount of food we toss out is shocking. From farm to fridge, 40 percent of the food in the United States is wasted. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 Americans faces hunger. But there’s yet another connection to food waste: California’s current drought. When 80 percent of our water goes to agriculture, wasting […]

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Ugly food getting some love in an effort to combat drought

In the supermarket produce section, carrots are perfect orange cylinders. Apples are unblemished, and asparagus spears are as uniformly thick as a box of children’s markers. Yet, in nature, carrots don’t always grow straight, apples can get sunburnt markings and asparagus comes in all sizes. Millions of pounds of this produce gets tossed out every […]

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Fond memories of Soul Food Farm

Everybody loved Soul Food Farm. When chefs from Chez Panisse first tasted Soul Food Farm’s pasture-raised eggs, they wanted to buy everything that farmer Alexis Koefoed’s hens would give her. When the Vacaville farm suffered a fire in 2009, supporters raised $35,000 to help Koefoed and her husband, Eric, recoup lost income and rebuild. And when Koefoed announced […]

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Farm series coming Sunday

I’m really excited about two stories I wrote that will be in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle. One is a news story focusing on the difficulties that new farmers face getting started, with information about what the USDA is doing to support regional and local agriculture, which in turn helps small farmers. The average age of […]

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