Major Brands Reverse Course on genetically modified food labels

It’s been a heady time for advocates of genetically modified food labeling like Oakland’s Gary Ruskin. Working out of the Rockridge studio apartment he shares with his daughter, Ruskin is co-director of the consumer group U.S. Right to Know. Back in 2012, he was campaign manager for the California GMO labeling ballot initiative, Proposition 37, […]

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TwoXSea inks new location in Portland, experiments with tilapia

From Inside Scoop: San Francisco seafood purveyor TwoXSea, which supplies sustainable seafood to restaurants and markets around the Bay Area, just settled on the location of its first new location, in NW Portland. Last week owner Kenny Belov signed a lease on a warehouse space near the Pearl District. After a quick build-out, he hopes […]

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Foodie highlights of Bernal Mission Corridor

Outsiders have a hard time categorizing the San Francisco neighborhood at the foot of Bernal Hill at Mission Street, but most locals are firm that this area — which has also been playfully and controversially called La Lengua (The Tongue) because of its flat, elongated shape — is part of Bernal Heights. Regardless, the restaurants, […]

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Stone fruit is coming in early, with extra flavor

Farmers’ markets are loaded with peaches and other stone fruit from up and down the state. Don’t wait around this year, however, because the season is a full two weeks early. While the drought is hurting many stone fruit farmers, who are seeing both smaller harvests and smaller fruit, the early season is happening because […]

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Sprouting revival takes root

It’s a science experiment I remember dearly from childhood. Poke an avocado pit with toothpicks, suspend it in a jar of water and wait for it to sprout. I don’t think I ever actually followed through and planted the seed in the backyard; it was more about witnessing life at its earliest stages. These days, […]

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Reduce, reuse and revive: How to end food waste at home

As a society, the amount of food we toss out is shocking. From farm to fridge, 40 percent of the food in the United States is wasted. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 Americans faces hunger. But there’s yet another connection to food waste: California’s current drought. When 80 percent of our water goes to agriculture, wasting […]

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Hearth: Pairing coffee with pastry

Most people don’t consider becoming a certified sommelier a prerequisite to opening a coffee shop. But that’s what Ariana Akbar did before she opened Hearth Coffee Roasters in the Castro neighborhood with her husband, James Kafader; the couple previously owned Brown Owl Coffee on Taraval Street. Instead of a wine-focused cafe, Akbar wanted to use […]

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Ugly food getting some love in an effort to combat drought

In the supermarket produce section, carrots are perfect orange cylinders. Apples are unblemished, and asparagus spears are as uniformly thick as a box of children’s markers. Yet, in nature, carrots don’t always grow straight, apples can get sunburnt markings and asparagus comes in all sizes. Millions of pounds of this produce gets tossed out every […]

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Family pizza night from scratch

Despite all the noise out there in the gluten-free and paleo worlds, pizza night is still sacrosanct at our house. Click here for recipe. Once a month or so, we make a batch of dough, crank up the oven and put out all the components for Friday or Saturday pizza-making. The toppings are a mix […]

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Fond memories of Soul Food Farm

Everybody loved Soul Food Farm. When chefs from Chez Panisse first tasted Soul Food Farm’s pasture-raised eggs, they wanted to buy everything that farmer Alexis Koefoed’s hens would give her. When the Vacaville farm suffered a fire in 2009, supporters raised $35,000 to help Koefoed and her husband, Eric, recoup lost income and rebuild. And when Koefoed announced […]

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